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WHY THEY RIDE: A Moto-Documentary

The DVD is excellent. I started watching it at 10:00 last night and ended up watching it twice. Yep, didn't get a lot of sleep…but it was well worth it. Loved your DVD. It's a definite purchase and I've already decided it would be a great Christmas gift for friends that ride. Thank you for a great view of why "we" ride.

–T.C., Tennessee

I was very moved by your film. Great video, great stories, and great people; makes me proud to be on two wheels. Thanks for making this film for us to enjoy.

–R.E., Indiana

I just received my copy of "Why They Ride", the moto-documentary from the Wilkinson brothers and I would like to recommend it to anyone who rides and especially anyone who has experienced the Dragon. The DVD has some great footage of the Gap, but it also shows the human side of motorcycling in a way I haven't seen on film in a long time.

–R., (posted on a forum)

Great DVD! If you have not been to Deals Gap this DVD gives you a great insight of what to expect.

–R.G., Tennessee (posted on a forum)

Just finished watching…GREAT documentary!

Gotta say [you] pegged the whole rider thing, a lot of the views expressed mirrored my own reasons for why I do what I do. With the Gap as a backdrop, some familiar faces, and some other WAY cool people, this is gonna be a favorite for me to watch and go back to!

–W. W., Tennessee

I stayed up until 2am watching it, and watched it again the next day. The content was really REALLY interesting. You really captured the people’s enthusiasm and I felt like I really got to know them and understood their excitement for riding. I was sitting their feeling envious of how they really live in the moment when riding. The documentary really was a lot of fun to watch. It gives the feeling that you guys must have had so much fun creating it. The content has such a good flow, and I really sat there absorbing every bit of it. It could have been an 8 hour documentary, I wasn't ready for the experience to end. We can't wait to share it with everyone.

–D. G., Indiana

You guys did an excellent job with this film, you exceeded what I was expecting. This film has given me a different look at some of the things we take for granted.

–D.S., Tennessee

I got my video yesterday and watched it immediately. I absolutely loved it! Great production, great interviews and stories, and great scenery! I live one hour east of Deals Gap and frequent the area often, so I recognized lots of places shot in the video. Great work and I look forward to the second installment!
–D.S., North Carolina

I feel like you guys "get it" and did a great job sharing the spirit of our mountains. Come back and visit us soon.

–C.B., Tennessee

ANYONE wanting to know why Deals Gap has become the Mecca for true motorcycling enthusiasts should consider investing in the newly-released dvd WHY THEY RIDE. The dvd was produced by two local riders, Corey and Casey Wilkinson, that have an unmatched passion for the Dragon and the people that ride it. They have spent countless hours on 129 and the surrounding roads with their father and a number of friends (and strangers). The video provides insight into the lure and lore of the area, as well as some of the great folks drawn there from around the world.

The Brothers Wilkinson have done an outstanding job of capturing the essence of the Dragon's challenge and the riders that face it head on.

If you've never been to Deals Gap and plan on taking it on in the future, this is the perfect primer to help you prepare for the experience. If you've been, then this is the most vivid reminder of why you went. - Follow this link and you'll find fantastic still photos, production background and trailers, allowing you glimpses of the full-feature dvd.

–D.N., Indiana

Got the DVD yesterday. Watched it three times. Some good stuff, very well done. Everyone who rides should watch it, even if they never intend to go to the Gap.

–D.S., Virginia

I just finished watching it for the fourth time in two days. First, I really enjoyed the footage of y'all traveling to the Gap. There is a type of euphoria that overcomes me upon safely reaching my destination after a long day of riding. Watching y'all traveling, gives me the itch. Something about being the only bikes, surrounded by cars, and knowing you are more in sync with your surroundings than those in their steel cages, and they don't even suspect it. Awesome.

I also wanted to say, I loved the soundtrack. I have been singing the songs for two days now. I have to put some Rocking Scoundrels on my MP3 player to listen to on my next ride. The songs by Mysteries of Life are super, too.

Finally, I have to relate my favorite quote from the film. It was Jerry who said, "You don't come here to prove how good you are. You come here to prove how good you've got it. And we've got it good.” What a great expression of not only being a motorcyclist, but being one in America, where you're able to travel and experience such a variety of roads and scenery with complete freedom. Thank God for our great country. I just want to let y'all know how deeply your project has touched me. It encapsulates everything I feel about riding in general, and the attraction I feel for the Dragon and surrounding areas, specifically. It is refreshing to see something dedicated to all facets of everyday riders. Thanks again, guys.

–R.J., Mississippi

Loved the movie. Made me long for a road trip. Great addition to my motorcycle movie library.

–C.W., Florida

I just got through watching your film and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I ride out of Tampa, Florida and for the past 5 years have been back up in the mountains and Deals Gap about ten different occasions. I know I'm preaching to the choir but this sport we participate in is universal. The same thing you found out there is what I experience every time I return. Great people, fantastic roads and a yearning for more. Thanks for a great job. Any sequels?
–F.W., Florida

Received my copy in the mail yesterday, watched it last night and really enjoyed it. For me, you have done a very good job of capturing the essence of motorcycling which is kind of unexplainable in words. As Francois said, "you either get it or you don’t.” I think this will help a lot of folks "get it.”
I enjoyed all the story lines. Of course the inevitable crash footage on the Dragon is just the reality of riding there. The footage at the store and interview with Brad and Ben and various other riders was excellent too.
Great job of balance, editing and neat camera angles. Sound track was great too.
So, thanks and best wishes in this and future endeavors.
–B.B., Michigan

I got my copy of "Why They Ride" yesterday and watched it last night. Wow! That is a great film. The images, the people, the music all expressed exactly what I love about riding. Thanks!

–M.M., New Hampshire

I just wanted to let you know I received my DVD a couple of days after I placed my order. Thanks for the quick shipping. I waited until tonight to watch it, so my dad could watch it with me the first time. My mom even watched it with us, to see why we make such a fuss about going each year. The unanimous reaction...your film is awesome. For Dad and me, watching y'all ride the Dragon, brought back great memories and stirred a desire to go back. We both sat smiling every time there was a sequence on the Dragon. We really related to Tom and Jerry's segment. The ages are slightly different, but we fully relate to the bonding experience a trip like that affords. For Mom, it gave her some insight into the draw that area has on us. She really enjoyed the whole human side of the film. She was a little queasy watching the wrecking and bad driving/riding segment. LOL. I even came home from their house and watched it a second time in one night. I'm sure I will be watching a lot and sharing it with anyone I think might be interested.

Thanks for making a film that not only has great footage of riding The Gap, but also puts faces on the people who do it. Y'all did a wonderful job of capturing the whole range of riders who come to slay the dragon, from the good to the bad. I appreciate that you didn't shy away from showing the sloppy riders and drivers and the wrecks. I feel that is part of the experience and needs to be shown, but in a proper perspective, which you accomplished. Also, the interviews really showed the true nature of most motorcyclists. I think all non-riders should watch this DVD, so they can realize we're not all dangerous, thoughtless hooligans, bent on scaring the bejeezus out of them. It's nice to see a positive light shed on us riders.

Technically, the film was spot on. The variety of camera angles was amazing. I especially liked the low-angle, front wheel shot. Y'all found some interesting perspectives to shoot the Dragon from.

I will be recommending your DVD to all my riding friends and family. Thanks for providing a true moto-documentary. I hope my dad and I can meet y'all at The Gap someday.

–R.J., Mississippi

Got my video two days before leaving for the Gap. As soon as I got it, I watched it. Great video!! Really gets across why we ride. Some know, some can’t put it into words. Can’t wait to let my wife watch it when I get home. Great vid!!

–G.J., Oklahoma

I have just watched the DVD, it’s great!!!!!!!! Great camera work. I hope that you can share this with many people. It makes me want to go there as much for the people as the riding.

–D.M., United Kingdom

If you’d like to purchase a copy, visit our PayPal store today. It’s safe, secure, and you can pay with a credit card (without needing a PayPal account). If you’re in the Smoky Mountain area at a motorcycle-related shop, ask if they carry Why They Ride!

So here’s the nitty gritty: In this 90-minute DVD, viewers will meet many likeminded motorcyclists who provide their genuine insight and share inspirational stories. They’ll ride along with us on and around the infamous Dragon at Deals Gap. They’ll witness the aftermath of wrecks and hear from local EMTs. One thing we’re sure of, motorcyclists will want to hop on their bikes and ride as soon as the end-credits roll.

We hope you enjoy our moto-documentary...let us know whatcha think!

-Corey and Casey Wilkinson

For more information, send the guys an email at

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